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Behaviour expectations at Rodmersham

Good behaviour in many formats undoubtedly supports children in their learning at school.  At Rodmersham we encourage positive learning behaviours through embedding the Growth Mind set and working on children's life skills and positive attitude.  

Manners, as far as we are concerned, cost nothing and we are very proud of how the children conduct themsleves throughout the school and wider community.  We often send home 'Green Letters' to parents to share with them how their child has helped or supported one another.

We very much enjoy rewarding good behaviours and the children enjoy receiving team points, the Outstanding Student of the Week Star, Head Teacher Awards and the highlight of the week... the Mrs McMullon Award where the prize is lunch with the Head Teacher!

We do not tolerate bulling in any form and matters that are raised are swiftly dealt with.   You can read our policy for Behaviour and Bullying here.

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