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Meet The Staff

Here is our team of fantastic, committed and dedicated staff!

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Mrs McMullon

Mrs McMullon   Head Teacher and Class 3 Teacher

Mrs McMullon is the best Headteacher anyone could ever have, she makes sure we all work hard and enjoy school. She encourages us to be our best. Poppy (Class 4) Mrs McMullon is friendly and nice and helpful and if you listen to her she is funny and she is not good at computers. She has glasses and biscuits in her office. She used to teach in Year R and now she teaches us Science. Mrs Mc has a funky hair style and she must always have cold feet as she always wears Uggs. Mrs McMullon is kinder than Father Christmas and she is the best boss ever. Freya, Caitlyn and Maddie - Year 2

Mrs Presdee Colley

Mrs Presdee Colley   Finance Officer

Mrs PC has grey hair and she wears glasses. She works in the office and she helps you get better. Without her we would be poorly. Mrs PC also helps with school dinners and her favourite things is elephants. Her favourite colour is purple and she loves to read when she is on holiday. She has 8 grandchildren and 4 children and her favourite book is Angelology. Freya Year 2

Mrs Cooper

Mrs Cooper   Class 1 Teacher

Mrs Cooper is kind, caring and nice and keeps you safe. She is comfy and cuddly. Sometimes she has glasses on. She has 3 kids and a husband she makes me laugh. Her hair is as brown as a muddy puddle! Her job is to teach Year R and she has a pet cat. She has been here for a long time and she loves teaching and being with her family. Freya - Year 2

Mrs R Williams

Mrs R Williams   Teaching Assistant

Mrs Williams is in Year R. She has brown hair and beautiful peach skin. She sometimes wears glasses and her favourite colour is purple and she loves to go on holiday with her family. Alex Year 2

Miss Ibrahim

Miss Ibrahim   Class 2 Teacher

Miss Ibrahim is a very very nice woman. SSSHHH! She isn't very strict. Miss Ibrahim teaches Class 2. She is quite tall and she always wears nice clothes. Miss Ibrahim is a good teacher and her first name is Amy. She went to Highsted Grammar School and she wears black glasses. Her hair colour is blonde brown and long and her glasses are as black as a black sky. She loves doing Maths and she is friendly. Caityln - Year 2

Miss Simpson

Miss Simpson   Teaching Assistant

Miss Simpson is the TA in Class 1 and is a caring and funny person, who calls people random nicknames, which we really like! She is the Teaching Assistant of Miss Ibrahim who are both very funny together! When she walks past she puts an immediate smile on your face. If you are doing something outside of school which is important she will always ask you how it went. From Millie

Mrs Henderson

Mrs Henderson   Class 3 Teacher

She has hair as yellow as the sun. She is always happy but sometimes grumpy. She loves to teach us and I do too. Sometimes she makes me laugh. Also she has got glasses. She always lets us watch films and she teaches Year 3 and 2. She is a bit bad at computers and her friends are Mrs T, Mrs S and Mrs W. She loves PE because she loves sport. She hates to be on duty; also she is skinny. Joseph- Year 2

Val Phillips

Val Phillips   Teaching Assistant

Mrs Phillips in the greatest book changer in the world and a good helper in the school. She has a happy smile on her face every day and she does a lot for the school. - Josh

Mrs Benyon

Mrs Benyon   Teaching Assistant

Mrs Benyon has red hair she has also got crystal brown eyes. She is really nice too. I like her because she is friendly and her job is helping. Mrs Benyon is kind to all the other teachers and her favourite colour is green. She teaches Class 3 and she has been here for a year. Amelie - Year 2

Mrs Lodge

Mrs Lodge   Class 5 Teacher

Mrs Lodge does cross crunchy, and I like cross crunchy because it is good exercise and we run in the orchard. She likes making us run in the orchard because she says it gives us a challenge. It makes me fit and I love it. her favourite things to do is running. She has blonde hair, as blonde as the sun. She works in Class 5. Joseph Year 2

Mrs Jackson

Mrs Jackson   Teaching Assistant

Mrs J drives the minibus and she takes our school to Forest School. She is very kind and she is always happy and she has brown hair and she is skinny with sparkly blue eyes. Henry - Year 2

Mrs Gambell

Mrs Gambell   Teacher Upper KS2

Mrs Gambell has long dark black hair and brown eyes. She wears pretty clothes every day. She teaches Year 6 and runs Busters Book Club on Thursdays She is always happy, smiley and excited during assembly. Mrs Gambell is friendly, nice and pretty. Her job is to do assembly with the whole school. Daisy - Year 2

Mrs J Williams

Mrs J Williams   Family Liaison Officer (FLO)

Mrs W is kind and cuddly also she has ginger hair and she sometimes wears glasses. Her hair is as orange as the sun and she laughs all the time. She has a dog called Dottie and she is a girl. Mrs W isn't that tall! Fraser - Year 2

Mr Steve McMullon

Mr Steve McMullon   Teaching Assitant/ site manager

Mr McMullon is a great, friendly and kind teaching assistant who helps out a lot at Rodmersham. He is also a lovely friend to everyone. he makes us laugh when we are sad - he always smiles - he is amazing. From Amelia and Dylan

Mrs Corder

Mrs Corder   Personnel Officer

Mrs Corder works in the office She is very kind and she always helps you if you have hurt yourself. She has shiny glasses and blonde hair. She always wears nice clothes and most of the time she wears high heels and she wears make up. her favourite thing is flowers and she has two children; Harry and Olivia. Caitlin Year 2

Mrs West

Mrs West   Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs West is kind and nice and she looks after us at dinner time. She cheers me up she looks after me when I get hurt, she gets us an ice pack. She is cuddly and she is tall and beautiful and always happy. She has beautiful brown hair and she is a star in our school. Maddy Year 2

Mrs Sarah Dodd

Mrs Sarah Dodd   Midday Meal Support

Mrs Dodd is a kind and funny dinner lady who is very talkative. She will always make you feel better if you are feeling down. Mrs Dodd is always smiling and is very cheerful even though she is new she is getting on very well. From Holly, Kai and Jake

Mrs Erica Rains

Mrs Erica Rains   Midday Meals Support

Mrs Rains is kind, funny and nice. She looks after us at lunchtimes and makes up feel safe. When you are feeling ill she lifts your spirits. She has lovely red hair. From Owen and Safa

Mrs Harrison

Mrs Harrison   Cleaner in Charge

Mrs Harrison is a great cleaner who makes the school spotless and she also serves us yummy school dinner. She smiles at lot and is a lovely addition to the Rodmersham family. Poppy

Mrs Dennehey

Mrs Dennehey   Well Being Leader

Mrs Dennehy is in charge of all things to help us to feel well. She is in charge of the sport and PSHE and she is very good at being a teacher.

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